Line Up

Monday 27th

09:00     Registration

09:40     Opening

09:55     Dr. Kate SmithCancer Research Manchester Institute
Delivering first-in-class cell-active inhibitors of Poly-ADP Ribose Glycohydrolase (PARG)

10:40     Coffee Break (Posters 1-5)

11:10     Prof. Graham SandfordDurham University
Fluorination and perfluoroheteroaromatics for industry

11:55     Prof. Peter StyringUniversity of Sheffield
Carbon dioxide as a sustainable chemical feedstock

12:40     Lunch (Posters 6-15)

13:40     Fluorochem talk

14:00     Prof. Chris BraddockImperial College London
Synthetic studies as inspired by nature

14:45     Prof. Jonathan ClaydenUniversity of Bristol
Total synthesis of natural function: building a biomimetic membrane-bound
receptor from scratch

15:30     Coffee Break (Posters 16-20)

16:00     Prof. Lee CroninUniversity of Glasgow
Digitising chemistry

16:45     Flash talk 1- Eliezer Falb
Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling (SMC): An adventure leading to a green, high yield and purity methylation route to pirfenidone and its CD3 analogue

16:55     Flash talk 2- Prisca Fricero
Regioselective synthesis of pyrazole trifluoroborates and their orthogonal functionalisation

17:05     Flash talk 3- Allegra Franchino
Silver-catalysed asymmetric aldol and Mannich reactions of activated isonitriles

17:15     Flash talk 4- Stefan Chassaing
Metalated zeolites- relevant ‘green’ catalysts for organic synthesis

17:25     Flash talk 5- Mathieu Denis
Active template synthesis of urea-based [2] rotaxanes for anion binding

17:35     Flash talk 6- Fodil Bouazza
Improvement of the access to isotopically labelled compounds and metabolites: Research and development in the superacidic media

17:45     Flash talk 7- Helena Mora-Rado
An alkyne diboration/6π-electrocyclization strategy for the synthesis of pyridine boronic acid derivatives

17:55     Flash talk 8- Ana Varela
Total synthesis of (-)-stemaphylline using lithiation-borylation methodology

18:05     Drinks and Poster Session (Posters 21+)

19:45     Dinner and Entertainment

Tuesday 28th

09:45     Prof. David SmithUniversity of York
Self-assembled supramolecular systems-Towards medicinal chemistry on the nanoscale

10:30     Dr. Simon HirstSygnature Discovery
Efficient synthesis of sp3-rich scaffolds for screening libraries

11:15     Coffee Break

11:45     Dr. Steve GoldupUniversity of Southampton
Small functional rotaxanes

12:30     Prof. Joe SweeneyUniversity of Huddersfield
New catalytic methods for heterocycle synthesis

13:15     Lunch

14:15     Dr. Allan WatsonUniversity of Strathclyde
Understanding and controlling Cu-catalysed C-X bond formation

15:00     Prof. Martin SmithUniversity of Oxford
Counter-ions and cascades in organic synthesis

15:45     Coffee Break

16:15     Prof. Philip ParsonsImperial College London
Natural products and methodology: Tales of the unexpected

17:00     Closing Remarks and Prizes